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Ideamer for Android r0.2, Release Notes

The second release of the application is now in the Android Market.

There are some nice new features which will help us use the ideas more easily.
Few minor issues were resolved.

Release Overview

This release includes several new features:

  • Send option: You can send easily the idea using your Android’s email client, or by using a text message (SMS).
  • Map view: While progressing your ideas, you can view on the Google Maps their initial locations.
  • About idea: New tab for your progressing ideas. The tab displays important dates.

Installation and Upgrade Notes

This release is available for installation only from the Android Market application.
The application will upgrade itself without user intervention.

Location data might get corrupted from previous release.

Fixed Issues

  • Android platform 1.6 had an issue with the background color of the ideas list.
  • Added some form validation. Idea title and description are mandatory from now on.
  • Decreased application size by optimizing some images.
  • Ideas list had an issue with text wrapping.

Open Issues

  • Changing screen orientation while progressing the idea can reset the form controls.

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Ideamer for Android r0.1, Release Notes

I’m proud the announce the first release of the Ideamer application to the Android 1.6 mobile devices (API 4).

This release is quite simple and complies to my first demands from such an application. The application is available in the Android Market.

All of the data that is gathered in this release is private and kept locally on the device.

In future releases there might be some new features.

Release Overview

This release includes several features:

  • Create your idea in a fast and simple form. Add prerequisites and tasks for the idea.
  • Progress and manage your ideas as the time pass. Hopefully you will implement some of them.

In this release the ideas are private and saved only on your local device database.

Installation and Upgrade Notes

This release is available for installation only from the Android Market application.

No upgrades are needed.

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Ideas, Thoughts, Opportunities Suddenly Appear

I’m one of those nonstop thinkers who suddenly realize a great idea from time to time.
My main problem was that after thinking and analyzing it without writing it down, usually the idea disappears exactly as it came to my mind.

Easily Materialize Your Ideas

IdeamerĀ for Android application is an easy way to materialize and remember your brilliant ideas anywhere by using your mobile device.
Once you realize that your new idea is a blast, you can easily materialize the idea using the simple forms in the application.

Progress Your Ideas

As the time pass and you make some progress on your idea, you can easily manage and progress the information in personal mobile device.

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