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Ideamer for Android r0.1, Release Notes

I’m proud the announce the first release of the Ideamer application to the Android 1.6 mobile devices (API 4).

This release is quite simple and complies to my first demands from such an application. The application is available in the Android Market.

All of the data that is gathered in this release is private and kept locally on the device.

In future releases there might be some new features.

Release Overview

This release includes several features:

  • Create your idea in a fast and simple form. Add prerequisites and tasks for the idea.
  • Progress and manage your ideas as the time pass. Hopefully you will implement some of them.

In this release the ideas are private and saved only on your local device database.

Installation and Upgrade Notes

This release is available for installation only from the Android Market application.

No upgrades are needed.


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